Color Street vs. Lily & Fox


Recently I have been seeing advertisements online for a brand of nail polish strips called Lily & Fox. They seem to have some cute designs, and definitely have a low price, so I thought I’d test them out compared to my product, Color Street. I started with comparing the packaging and then the application process. Check out my YouTube video of the comparison below.

The nail strip sets looked good together as a mixed mani… don’t you think?


After lots of personal experience, I already knew that Color Street nail strips would stay looking good on my nails up to 14 days. But what about Lily & Fox? Take a look below at the results after one day and then after 5 days.

Both brands showed at least a little wear on the nail tips – Color Street’s was less noticeable. And with both sets you could see where my nails had grown out from the cuticle. The Lily & Fox strips had some other problems that cropped up as well. As you can see, the edges were lifting. I found myself having to frequently press back down the edges of the L&F strips, where Color Street stayed put at the edges. With L&F I also had some bubbles underneath several of the nail strips.


I followed the directions on the nail strips for how to remove them. Color Street said to remove using regular nail polish, and I was able to do that very quickly using the Color Street polish remover. The Lily & Fox brand’ process said to soak your nails and then lift them up off your nails. When I tired this, the it was hard to peel the strips off my nails and it looked as if it peeled some top layer of my nails with it. Not wanting to damage my nails, I opted to remove the rest of the L&F using my polish remover, and that worked beautifully. Below you can see how my nails looked as I peeled L&F off as directed.


Overall, the Lily & Fox nail strips were cute and very low priced, and had decent quality. One major difference is the ease in which they are applied. Color Street has them beat since you don’t need any tools for the process which makes application much quicker. Lily & Fox were a bit thicker, and both brands looked equally good when applied. When it came to durability, Color Street won again. While the Color Street did wear some at nail tips, the L&F had issues with significant tip wear, lifting of the edges, and bubbles underneath.

If you need nail strips that are cute for a short time, and are cheap, I’d go for the Lily & Fox, but don’t expect them to give you a lasting manicure. If you want beauty and durability, while still costing less than the salon, I definitely recommend going with Color Street!

To learn more about Color Street, request a sample, or place an order, go to

Happy Manicuring!

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