Color Street vs. Lily & Fox

APPLICATION PROCESS Recently I have been seeing advertisements online for a brand of nail polish strips called Lily & Fox. They seem to have some cute designs, and definitely have a low price, so I thought I'd test them out compared to my product, Color Street. I started with comparing the packaging and then the… Continue reading Color Street vs. Lily & Fox


5 Steps for Hand and Nail Care with ColorStreet

ColorStreet's dry nail polish strips are popular with many people, but did you know they also offer a hand and nail care system to give you the full manicure experience? Really! Released just last month, ColorStreet's hand and nail care system is a collection of 4 great products to bring your manicure to the next… Continue reading 5 Steps for Hand and Nail Care with ColorStreet


Clique Art Giveaway!

I'm feeling sad that the Bandito Tour is over and I don't have anymore shows to look forward to, so I'm gonna do a Clique Art giveaway in July! To enter, follow @RockStarTchr and @sarahlallred on Twitter and retweet the post. To gain additional entries for the Grand Prize, enter each of the smaller weekly… Continue reading Clique Art Giveaway!