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Crafting for the Holidays! Signs

this sign is on my mantle

I’m super excited that fall is finally here! Crisp cool evenings, campfires, and family are on my mind. I’m also thinking about crafting for the holidays!

Fall through Christmas time is probably my favorite time to make art to decorate my home. It’s also a time when I LOVE to make things to share with others as gifts or through my craft shop!

Throughout the next few weeks, I’m going to share what I’m working on, and share some ideas for some thoughtful personalized gifts that are easy on your wallet!

For me, crafting and making things is art therapy. When I get my materials out to sketch, paint, or make something, I’m able to set aside the hundreds of things running through my brain and totally focus on whatever it is I’m making. it allows me to be totally mindful and in the moment, paying attention to the feeling of my paintbrush smoothing on a bright swipe of paint or the scratch of my pencil on the sketch paper. When I’m making I can step away from the load of life and dwell in a place of possibility and beauty. For me this is a much needed escape.

Making rustic style wood signs is a favorite thing for me to make. I use reclaimed wood most of the time, making use of scrap material, pallet wood, or wood from old cabinets or furniture. I cut and assemble signs, or just cut block pieces and the refinish them to look weathered and aged before finally adding an image or phrase.

Take a look at photos of some of the wood signs I’ve made. Some of these are currently available for purchase in my shop, and I’m always happy to take requests for custom signs.

Wood signs make great personal gifts! Click on the shop tab to see what I currently have available, or send me a message to make a custom request!


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