Get back to school ready with a Trench themed printable planner!

Besides new colored pens, one other thing that gets me excited about back to school time is a fresh new planner. There’s tons of pretty planner you can buy, but they are either too expensive or don’t have the features in them that I need. So, for over 5 years now, I have been creating a custom planner for myself. Problems solved! Planner features that I need, reasonable price, and I can theme the planner however makes me happy.

This year I decided to theme a planner around my favorite band’s new album – Trench by Twenty One Pilots! I made 2 different versions to represent the theme of being a bandito and part of a special group who will always be by my side. The first design is a yellow daisy pattern inspired by the daisies in the “Jumpsuit” music video, and the second is a yellow plaid inspired by the new music video for “The Hype.”

Take a look at sample pages of my planner. I’ve made it available as a digital download printable file in my Etsy shop for just $12! Follow the links below to purchase and use coupon code CLIQUEFAMILY for 20% off your purchase!

Click for Planner- Trench Plaid

Click for Planner – Trench Daisy


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