What are ColorStreet Nail Polish Strips?

ColorStreet nail strips are 100% read nail polish that is about 95% dry. This is why it's referred to as dry nail polish. The fact that it's mostly dry makes it less messy to apply and much faster to dry, allowing you to do a professional looking DIY manicure in 10 to 15 minutes! Even… Continue reading What are ColorStreet Nail Polish Strips?


Clique Art Giveaway!

I'm feeling sad that the Bandito Tour is over and I don't have anymore shows to look forward to, so I'm gonna do a Clique Art giveaway in July! To enter, follow @RockStarTchr and @sarahlallred on Twitter and retweet the post. To gain additional entries for the Grand Prize, enter each of the smaller weekly… Continue reading Clique Art Giveaway!

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How I Made It: Decorative Wood Blocks

Here's another simple little upcycling project I just completed.  I used scrap pieces of wood from pallets and other projects and made them into cute little inspirational decorations with a rustic farmhouse feel.  Check out my photo story of how I made these. I will have some of these available soon at The Craft Nook… Continue reading How I Made It: Decorative Wood Blocks