What are ColorStreet Nail Polish Strips?

ColorStreet nail strips are 100% read nail polish that is about 95% dry. This is why it’s referred to as dry nail polish. The fact that it’s mostly dry makes it less messy to apply and much faster to dry, allowing you to do a professional looking DIY manicure in 10 to 15 minutes! Even better, you’ll be able to go about your day right after without waiting through drying time and trying to avoid messing up the polish!

10 Reasons I LOVE ColorStreet Nail Strips!

  1. They have so many beautiful colors and nail art designs!
  2. I can get a professional looking manicure in a fraction of the time of a salon manicure.
  3. I can get a professional looking manicure at a much cheaper price than a salon manicure – polish strip sets run for $11 to $14 dollars.
  4. ColorStreet Polish stays on my nails for 2 + weeks instead of chipping away on the first day of wear.
  5. ColorStreet polish hasn’t got a strong odor like most nail polishes.
  6. ColorStreet nail polish strips are 100% real nail polish with a base and top coat built in/
  7. Application of ColorStreet strips is a simple one step process – no special tools needed.
  8. ColorStreet polish can be removed with regular nail polish remover – no soaking in drying acetone and scrapring your nails!
  9. ColorStreets is made in the USA with globally patented technology.
  10. With ColorStreet there’s no dry time, smudges, or streaks.

To receive a catalog and/or a free sample of ColorStreet nail strips, sign up here: bit.ly/SarahLousSamples To learn more or shop ColorStreet, go to www.colorstreetcom/sallred .


Dry Polish Strips on Acrylic Nails

You might think that if you have acrylic nails that you can’t use ColorStreet dry nail polish strips. Not true! When I’m ready for a new manicure but it isn’t time for a fill yet, I put ColorStreet right on top of my acrylic nails. The strips work beautifully on the smooth surface, and I can go a little longer before I have to go back to the salon! Join my VIP Dry Polish Nails group to learn more about ColorStreet here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/457660639381146


Get back to school ready with a Trench themed printable planner!

Besides new colored pens, one other thing that gets me excited about back to school time is a fresh new planner. There’s tons of pretty planner you can buy, but they are either too expensive or don’t have the features in them that I need. So, for over 5 years now, I have been creating a custom planner for myself. Problems solved! Planner features that I need, reasonable price, and I can theme the planner however makes me happy.

This year I decided to theme a planner around my favorite band’s new album – Trench by Twenty One Pilots! I made 2 different versions to represent the theme of being a bandito and part of a special group who will always be by my side. The first design is a yellow daisy pattern inspired by the daisies in the “Jumpsuit” music video, and the second is a yellow plaid inspired by the new music video for “The Hype.”

Take a look at sample pages of my planner. I’ve made it available as a digital download printable file in my Etsy shop for just $12! Follow the links below to purchase and use coupon code CLIQUEFAMILY for 20% off your purchase!

Click for Planner- Trench Plaid

Click for Planner – Trench Daisy


Clique Art Giveaway!

I’m feeling sad that the Bandito Tour is over and I don’t have anymore shows to look forward to, so I’m gonna do a Clique Art giveaway in July!

To enter, follow @RockStarTchr and @sarahlallred on Twitter and retweet the post. To gain additional entries for the Grand Prize, enter each of the smaller weekly giveaways as well.

There will be one winner each week of the items listed below and the final week one grand prize winner will be selected from all the entries. You may enter to win once for the grand prize and then once for each weekly giveaway. Open to US and International. I will pay for shipping.

Good luck! I’m excited to share some of my art with my Frens!!!

Grand Prize Announced July 31

Week 1 Giveaway

Week 2 Giveaway

Week 3 Giveaway

Week 4 Giveaway

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How I Made It: Decorative Wood Blocks

Here’s another simple little upcycling project I just completed.  I used scrap pieces of wood from pallets and other projects and made them into cute little inspirational decorations with a rustic farmhouse feel.  Check out my photo story of how I made these.

I will have some of these available soon at The Craft Nook in Archdale, and would be thrilled to custom make a wood block for you.